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Charles S. Yanofsky, M.D.


 Compendium of Neurological related Facts and Opinion.

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Alzheimer's Section: Preventing Alzheimer's Disease, Treating Alzheimer's (1) Note lectures on "The Death of Alzheimer's" and "Keys to Care in Alzheimers"
Dizziness (2) See also section on BPPV
Migraine (1) See also section comparing triptans
Multiple Sclerosis (4)
Sleep (1)
Stroke (1) See also lectures in Powerpoint section on Cerebral Hemorrhage and Ischemic Stroke
Medicine (2)
Living with MS (11 contributions by Cathy Finny)
        Medical Ethics: a tour and commentary of various medical oaths. Also: The Ethics of Cloning:
Web Book Chapter I of Beyond Biology: Inside the Neuron and "Vision" (see below)


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Web Booklets

Alzheimer Disease

Treating Alzheimer's Disease By Charles S. Yanofsky, M.D. The latest of Treatment of Alzheimer's and hopes for a cure by the time  "Baby Boomers"  come of (26193 bytes)

Memory and Alzheimer Disease

Are you concerned about yours or a Loved one's memory?  Read this! First in a Series on Alzheimer Disease by Charles S. Yanofsky, M.D. Memory is what makes you the  unique person you are !(See also Power Point Presentations below: "The Death Of Alzheimer's Disease" and Keys to Care of Alzheimer's Disease"


Sleep Basics by Francis J. Janton, III,M.D. 



Dizziness Explained

Some explanations for the lay person on the thought processes we use to evaluate, diagnose and treat dizzy persons.

by Charles Yanofsky

See also Benign Positional Vertigo - an eminently treatable yet common condition.

Dizziness Explained




An explanation of what migraine is about.

by Charles Yanofsky

See also Triptans: A Migraine Addendum

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Here is a brief overview of Multiple Sclerosis, including Glossary , Charts and summaries of various treatments for the interested layman.

by Charles Yanofsky

Cognition and MS A short discussion about sorting out and evaluating cognition.
MS Pain Quintessentials


 Why is MS associated with Pain and how is pain treated?

by Charles Yanofsky, MD

Why Exercise? - a guide for persons with MS 

by Charles Yanofsky, MD with Janice Yanofsky, LPT

How Am I Doing? About Multiple Sclerosis. To help you figure out whether you should stay the course or consider other treatment options. How advanced is you MS?

by Charles Yanofsky, MD

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Stroke Genetics: Part of Neurological Occasional Notes

Yanofsky's Stroke Studies Compendium:

A list of clinical trials for ready reference for Stoke Minded Clinicians. Pls e-mail me with suggestions for additional studies for inclusion.

About Stroke

Stroke Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment.

by Charles Yanofsky

About Stroke


Cloning - Against Biology.

by Charles S. Yanofsky, M.D.

From the neurologist's perspective Cloning seems like such a good idea. Surprisingly major drawbacks aren't religious but biological and Medical. Discover what cloning is all about, what it will and will not be able to do.

Why do we have sex? Why do we die? What does this have to do with Clones?!

submitted March 2002



Catalogue of Physician Oaths A Catalogue of Physician Oaths

For the idealists among us.

Compiled by Charles Yanofsky

news.gif (26193 bytes)This has just been revised 

I've added some of my own ideas which Guide my own practice. 

See what you think!!

Getting More from Your Doctor Visit

A Prescription for Success

by Charles Yanofsky


Thirteen Neurological Principles as enunciated by Charles Yanofsky

Living with MS

Some offerings from Cathy Finney - a motivational speaker. Ms. Finney started two MS groups in our area. She works tirelessly for the benefit of other persons with MS.
PROSE FOR THE SOUL  -- CHAPTER 3:  Being more Sources of Inspiration, reading for a Higher Purpose.  New June 2006


 The Printed Page: Prose for the Soul Chapter 2 by Cathy Finney

Reading for a higher purpose. Here's a personal list of writings that inspire.



"Prose" For the Soul

By Cathy Finney:

'I wanted to give you a list of books that I’ve collected. They are my “treasures.” "


by Cathy Finney
Journey: How can a person be improved by their illness?

By Cathy Finney

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Web Book

Beyond Biology,  A Book for the Internet by Charles Yanofsky

Beginnings Chapter 2 of "Beyond Biology"  Inquiry into Elusive Memory
Iconoclasm: Chapter 4 of book "Beyond Biology"  About Free Will
Beyond Biology: Chapter 5 of book "Beyond Biology"  More than Physical: The Mind of Man in the Mind of God





Vision Chapter 3 of "Beyond Biology"

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

by Charles S. Yanofsky, MD

Inside the Neuron Chapter 1 of "Beyond Biology"

A Macro and Microscopic Journey into the Miracle of Consciousness

Part I
Part II
Part III

(This material is copyrighted.)

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Slides Powerpoint Presentations Online

Simply Migraine

Evidence Based Stroke Care

Stroke Picture Examples

Alzheimer Disease New Insights



Stroke Typology



Demyelinating Diseases: Dx and Treatment

Cannabis and MS: "High"lights

Migraine Pitfalls

Migraine Lecture for Residents

Successful Management of the Difficult Headache Patient

Migraine v. Secondary Headache

Basic General Neurology for Stroke Unit Nurses

Neurological Emergencies for Residents

AntiPlatelet Agents and Stroke - A Review

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

MS 101

Treatment Of MS

Motor Systems and Dementia Lecture for PA's

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders

Demystifying Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Acute Fulminent MS with Favorable Clinical Course

Subcortical Dementia

Cerebral Hemorrhage (outline)

Cerebral Hemorrhage(PPT)

 Vestibular Disease: A Logical Approach

Persistent Vegetative State

Brain Death

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Dear Doctor: Questions and answers